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Recent web & operational project integrating Smartsheet while managing the Chanel Retail Environment design-build manufacturing process for Chanel that was built for Bloomingdale, NYC, 59th Street.


Retail Environments for Chanel in Bloomingdale, NYC  -  Electric Bikes, Working Trikes, Scooters and Boards  -  RV Coaches and Camper Trailers  -  Semi-Professional Football  -  Commercial Finance / Lending. Services rendered differ client by client. 


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John Metselaar is the Chief Integrated Marketing, Creative and Brand Strategist at K&H ISG (Integrated Solutions Group). John has excelled at Integrated (Traditional to Online) Direct Response Marketing, Branding, Creative Services, and eCommerce since 1995. He pioneered online marketing and advertising in 2000 by creating a perpetual testing environment supported with real-time tracking technology for measuring performance. 

KEY TAKEAWAYS: Demographic profiling and geographic targeting have been very successful strategies to create best practices to reach audiences. Imagery and messages must target region and audience appropriately and content must be compelling. Traditional media and distribution (e.g. door hangers, direct mail) often trumped new media.  

I integrated SMARTSHEET PROJECT MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE into their operation so that the different departments could communicate, collaborate and prepare / update the daily schedules more efficiently. This also aided in foreseeing scheduling and production problems on the manufacturing floor, as well as coordinating incoming products, custom constructed materials, staging, shipping and onsite construction. The goal was to automate all functions and systems via an API and optimize internal communications and time spent on redundant processes. I also redesigned their web site using a better URL 
John is a professional Marketing Project Manager and Program Director with many years of optimization, regulation of some sort (FDA or SEC) and measurable success managing people, projects, programs, processes, productivity and products. This includes a wide range of direct marketing programs, web and e commerce projects, plus UX and CX related work for selling software, products, services and consumables to different market segments.
His experience with social media platforms as it relates to different brands, by industry, comes from learning and understanding how relevance and optimization plays a critical role in its use. Based on purpose and expected role as part of a business strategy and the integrated marketing mix, it can add a critical role to brand and business development. Market segment age, generational relevance, digital device usage, it all matters for creating awareness and improving KPIs (key performance indicators) in real-time.
The difference is that I bring a much wider and deeper multi-industry experience base and understanding to the table. One that overlaps multiple generations. And, thereby can contribute relevant perspectives that understands not only generational points-of-view, but device usage, technology implications, and how best to weave and integrate different brand messaging and value-added brand benefits. From all the various social platforms, the most common ones I engage with are Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. I also enjoy developing applications for web and mobile devices for creating brand specific communities to encourage brand and lifestyle development around products and services.
Doing this can promote network sales, business affiliate development, revenue and help improve the impact of viral email marketing, traffic, relevance, plus all KPIs that can be tracked through Google Ads and other CMS tools and web analytics.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 
I graduated early from high school in January and played soccer and traveled until September. I worked in remodeling, construction, retail sales and restaurants every year. Except for one year at United Medical Laboratories. Then, earned my degree and technical certificates in Technical Arts and Graphic Design.
I went on to study Industrial Design at San Jose State University, learning about materials like plastics, metals, composites, exotic woods, and more. And eventually, worked on illustration, packaging and design projects in Silicon Valley, CA, while freelancing for different ad agencies and publications on the SF peninsula.
After completing 3 different restaurant management training programs, I began my career as Graphics Design and Production Manager in a new field called direct marketing for a San Francisco Bay Area securities firm. McNeil Securities sold public and private limited partnership funds in excess of $120 Million per fund. We closed 4 to 6 funds per year and purchased shopping centers, office buildings and apartment complexes.
Three years later I moved from California to Seattle, WA and joined a database marketing agency called Manus Direct Response Marketing. I was a DM Creative Specialist for Thousand Trails, a lifetime membership program and perfected their direct mail campaigns to drive prospects to become members all across America. After one year, their main competitor, All Season's Resorts, approached me to create, develop, produce and mail all their marketing and communications programs. 
By the summer of 1995 I joined Seattle FilmWorks, a public direct mail photofinishing company as their Interactive Creative Director.
In 2000, I obtained my Advanced Project Management Certificate at Pacific Lutheran University
My professional career continued in both online marketing for the health and wellness industry (dietary supplements) and in various operational roles from sourcing raw materials to manufacturing, packaging, and introducing web technologies and mobile-based software services to US and European markets. This included promoting, marketing and selling 1 Gb USB Thumb drives for $700 each. And, using first-generation smart phones, plus third-party bar-code readers, for optimizing the distribution chain (for medical devices distributors and their sales reps), significantly reducing shrinkage and converting manual inventory processes to real-time online reporting systems. About me.
All this happened between 2001 to 2005, when I joined Publicis Healthcare Marketing Practice and before moving to Scottsdale, Arizona in 2006 to help turn-around TriVita, a direct sales company. 
2006-2010 TriVita Dietary Supplements
A direct network sales organization and as part of the Senior Sales & Marketing Executive Team I the led global corporate brand transition for TriVita as well as numerous CPG’s including branded product lines - Leanology, Sonoran Bloom’s Nopalea, PURE Natural Skin care, NutraFruits and the corporate brand. I provided and directed a wide-range of creative, production and content development initiatives for all channels including monthly catalogs, magazines, web sites, web promos, packaging design, infomercial scripts, direct mail, events and marketing to 7 different segments every month.
2010 - Present

The direction of my professional work includes Operations, Technology, Implementation, Optimization, based on Research, Testing, Security, Quality Control, Performance and Results. Other related areas of increasing interest includes Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Digital Marketing/Advertising, Automation, AR/VR, Robotics, AI and other emerging digital considerations for ecommerce, online UX and CX. Plus, how it integrates with brick-and-mortar changes likes the Amazon GO Shops.


My entire career has been about progression. And as a professional USSF coach I also build, train and develop teams, processes and systems. But, you would have to understand my background in sports and how I have adapted those experiences (training methodologies) to corporate and agency environments.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 
For a comprehensive overview covering W2 roles and 1099 projects visit my LinkedIn profile. 15+ professional recommendations from C-Level executives and business owners are posted here.
Project Management and Program Direction
I streamline, automate and always look for opportunities to enhance the customer experience, while improving the bottom-line/profit margins without any loss in quality. But, this does include embracing technologies to streamline communications, improve work flow, collaborate, plus organize and distribute information in real-time to help identify and address conflicts quickly. I also look for ways to prepare for future growth, brand re-positioning strategies and markets your business can migrate towards - before the critical tipping point.
Coaching, Mentoring and Development
I can help develop your team, its dynamic development, and making sure everyone is in the right position at all times. Over four decades as a competitive USSF Coach (US Soccer Federation) and applying similar training methodologies, in corporate and agency environments, has enabled me to build high-performance teams with individual contributors who can perform at their best - while under pressure, through practice, mental focus, emotional discipline and better time-management.
I can manage creative, digital marketing and organizational initiatives
On all projects I always work with both Microsoft Office 365 and Adobe Creative Suite applications for web and print. In addition to those two families I use a wide array of other applications for automating email campaigns and web analytics to CRM, ERP and POS. The most recent ones used in the past 24-36 months for operational and organizational applications in manufacturing, retail, project, program and team management, are Lightspeed POS, Fishbowl Mobile Inventory, INFOR ERP Visual Premier / Jobshop and Smartsheet. I have also used MS Project and SharePoint and running into Autodesk Autocad, Revit, Blue Beam and Sketchup a lot. But, I still use Excel the most! And learning Vuforia engine, studio and chalk because the future in successful customer experiences and branding will include both augmented and virtual reality. Developer kits are still free!!