Professional Recommendations

“I was privileged to be able to work with John on the Acionna Health project during my time at Professional Learning Institute. John took the role of project manager here lifting the group up out of a difficult position. With his expertise and guidance we were able to streamline our efforts finding the most efficient path forward in our advertising.

To boot, he was even able through no small effort to navigate the Google labyrinth of returning the project to good standing in correcting issues that had been holding us all back from before he or I had joined the team. He is an expert in his field and made every interaction a valuable learning experience for all involved. A wellspring of knowledge eager to lift up those around him. 

Not simply in a business sense, but his integrity was shown through his treatment of those around him every day. These two items together make him a fantastic leader to spur on any given initiative. John takes a sincere interest in those around him as a team leader and does well playing to their strengths as he learns about each person on the team. 

Cutting to it; a tireless and studious expert who carries himself with integrity whether spearheading a project as a leader or tackling obstacles for the team to keep on moving forward together.” Dustin S., Writer, previously with Acionna / Briotech


“John worked for me as the Online Marketing Director of our skin care line. He came onto the project with a lot of confidence and experience after years of working in the field. He inherited a few problems to tackle and went at it with determination and tenacity, never giving up and always looking for creative solutions when he was faced with one obstacle after another. John is hardworking and cares about his co-workers. Even when he was overwhelmed by his own workload, he is always cheerful and checking up on others to lend support and a helping hand where he can. A true asset to any organization, and a real team player.” Jacob W., Partner, Bellevue Capital Group, previously VP at Pinnacle Group for Acionna / Briotech brands


“INNOVA Architects hired John to help us grow our presence through its: online websites, social media, brochures, mailers, and to build personal relationships that all together grow our business. John has been a dynamo of enthusiasm and is always full of new and good ideas. He has made a huge positive change in our company in all the areas for which we hired John to work. His prior experience was in product marketing, and while we are a professional service provider, John was able to bring a valuable and new perspective to how we should be marketing professional services, while at the same time quickly learning how we traditionally have marketed professional services. He adapted quickly, learning new methods and always pushed me hard to be bold and take new steps in new directions.

John definitely thinks like a business owner and like a true entrepreneur, always generating new ideas about how to grow the business and how to benefit our company and capitalize on our efforts. But, he understands the balance a CEO must maintain between financial investments into marketing efforts compared to the results it might produce. He is always positive and upbeat and able to adjust to the dynamics of up and down moments in a business. At times due to our own company limitations I felt that I was not able to take full advantage of what John had to offer. But even through that John has been happy to be a part of our company and especially to assist me in building and implementing the strategy to grow.

I enjoy John personally and professionally and know John has a huge amount of value to bring any company in which he is employed. I am so happy I hired John and would do it all over again. It was the right decision for us. Despite that fact, sometimes outside circumstances affect our business performance and alter our direction. That has resulted in our inability to retain John. Therefore we offer our complete endorsement for John to any potential employer who wishes to expand business. John will bring you strategies, ideas, produce written copy, make personal introductions and help to implement the plan through to completion. He will work either in cooperation with the CEO, but if asked is happy to lead the effort independently. I remain happy to be called upon to reiterate in person my sincere endorsement for John. Paul M., CEO, INNOVA Architects

“John has an innovative mind and is very quick in picking up new ideas from a totally new environment. He is never afraid of making changes.” Jim T., President, INNOVA Architects

"During my time at Innova, I supported John in executing his Creative Marketing Strategy. Under his leadership, I helped to develop and edit web content, while he created a newly branded website. We worked together to prepare for and execute our presence at industry trade shows and built our client database. John's experience, creativity, and depth of knowledge surrounding marketing, CRM, databases and client relations, along with his positive attitude made him a joy to work with!" Jessica M., Permit Specialist at City of Tacoma, previously INNOVA Architects and Engineers, plus ORB Architects


“I had the opportunity to hire John at AstaVita Inc. to lead our efforts with regards to e commerce, branding, marketing and sales for our dietary supplement line. Selecting John was an easy decision for me as John has prior experience working for a dietary supplement company, along with very strong experience and demonstrated skills in building brands, managing and driving on line sales, along with web site development and management. While interviewing candidates to fill our open position it became very evident that John brings a unique combination of skills to the table that typically require the hiring of multiple people to obtain these talents. It was a pleasure working with John as he was all in and committed to what we needed accomplished and he worked tirelessly 24/7 in order to accomplish our goal to have a web site up and operational within 3-4 months. John strengths include a strong executive presence, strategic planning, branding along with earning the trust and respect of our team. I strongly recommend John for any VP or Director level opportunity in e-commerce, marketing and sales.” Bob O., previously GM with Astavita

“I have huge professional respect and admiration for John. I had the pleasure to work with him at Astavita Inc. in Seattle - Washington - in e-commerce, marketing and sales. He is experienced, intuitive and can work with clients large and small to help lead and expand their global e-commerce strategies. John is a key committed professional and his personable approach is capable of building important long term business relationships. His qualified marketing expertise is immediately obvious and it has been driving successful business to produce outstanding results. I endorse John as leader and director for an e-commerce, marketing and sales projects.” Vinicius DS., Director of Coaching Education, previously with Astavita


“John is an extremely conscientious professional who can operate very effectively at both strategic and tactical levels with equal poise and eloquence. His ability to build relationships is commendable and inspirational. John is a quick learner, a motivated self-starter and knows how to navigate almost any scenario to get the job done effectively without ruffling any feathers. In a large organization that is particularly difficult and John was able to do that very elegantly. His ability to think quickly on his feet and find solutions made him a very important member of our team because he was a problem solver. Unique skills that are hard to come by.” Kumar S., Creative Strategist, previously with Publicis Healthcare Practice


“John and I worked together for 4 years at PhotoWorks, formerly known as Seattle FilmWorks. The company was heavily dependent on creative execution and marketing analytics, and this was John's domain. John's universe at PhotoWorks included direct-to-consumer marketing and analytics, web design, e-commerce, on-line application design, and design of a retail storefront and kiosk concept. John led the rebranding effort from Seattle FilmWorks to Photoworks. John exudes a positive energy and people like working with him. He's professional, creative, and approachable: he's a good listener, and is able to synthesize what he hears into effective, creative action. I highly recommend that you reach out to John for your company's creative direction needs.” Case K., Director and CFO, Loud Audio, previously with Seattle FilmWorks


“John is an excellent integrated creative director. He brings unique insights and direct marketing expertise to client relationships including brand strategy, conceptual development and execution. John is a great partner and group leader who leads his team to produce strong results. Behind the calm demeanor lies an experienced and passionate creative leader.” Maurice F., President, CEO, Staffing and Recruiting, Training and Management Consulting, NewVector Group


John hired me as a photographer on a magazine project. I was impressed with his creativity, his ability to communicate clear expectations and his prompt payment for the work delivered. I also appreciated how John allowed me the freedom to present ideas to him and his team. It was a memorable shoot from beginning to end. In a different venue all together, I consulted with John on several other projects where he was definitely an out of the box thinker as he gave me precise advice in editing a particular book, creative ideas on how to present various pamphlets and thoughts on packaging and marketing audio CDS. John is a visionary and communicator and his suggestions all provided the encouragement and direction to take our writing material to a different level. I'll consult with John again because of his wisdom and integrity and out of the box thinking.” Donna R., Life Coach, previously Contract Photographer with TriVita


"John is that rare Creative Director that has the business savvy to understand and care about results. ROI for his company is his utmost concern, and that sometimes means corralling his design team's ego. But, he also knows when to inspire his team to push boundaries. People really enjoy working with/for John and that has been one of the keys to his success." Greg S., Digital Strategist and Market Researcher, previously Seattle FilmWorks


"John is simply one of the best Direct Response Marketing designers/creative program development experts around. His strategic view and 6th sense for matching creative to target audience characteristics within the context of marketing objectives is killer. One experienced and extremely capable DM maven." Linden A., President, Northwest Direct, previously with Thousand Trails


"John is a take-charge manager who gives excellent direction to the creative team. Under his supervision I was able to help brand the company more concretely and produce various marketing pieces that helped drive sales." Ronald C., Marketing Director, The Area Agency on Aging, previously with TriVita


“John is one of the most versatile Creative Directors I have hired. He is highly innovative and very strong in both design and copy with a mind for marketing. Our Senior Executive group was very impressed with his versatile background and we were fortunate to have him on our team. John contributed much to the growth of Seattle FilmWorks during his five-year tenure and he led the rebranding of our company to PhotoWorks. It is rare to find someone who can be both creative and analytical. John is definitely an influential leader who provided creative expertise and inspiration. He also created and directed a very large team of writers, designers and web producers. John is a solid collaborator who works cooperatively across technical and non-technical teams to achieve the desired goals. He is also a great coach and mentor. I strongly recommend John.” Annette B., President, Link Staffing, previously with Seattle FilmWorks / PhotoWorks

"John built an outstanding team of designers that I was lucky to become a part of. I was just beginning my design career and he provided thoughtful, encouraging feedback on my work. He was a strong leader as we worked through a complete website redesign, finishing with a great new site and no problems along the way. I enjoyed working with him and so when he left for another company, I followed a few months later." Andrea B., Senior Product Designer, Apptio, previously with PhotoWorks


“John is very creative and very current with the latest trends for print and the web… I worked with John's department on many occasions and he was extremely supportive of the marketing department's projects. John was able to increase the Creative Department's productivity by over 500%. I admired John's ability to manage constantly changing projects and direction from the leadership team; yet completing them on time and on budget.” Kevin B., previously with TriVita


“Working with John has always been very easy because he quickly understands the needs of the client and can translate that into a testable solution… His proficiency in combining creative with strategic thinking to achieve the desired results is second to none. He is one of the best Creative Directors we have ever worked with!" Len T., Past President, PMA Direct Marketing


"I am gladly referring John as one of the best Integrated Marketing and Brand Strategists that I have worked with over the last 15 years. John is very strategic at extracting the most attractive elements of a company and presenting those elements gracefully and targeted through online, social media and formal business plans. While working together he was assigned what seemed like a simple idea, to develop an integrated marketing group, and brought the entire concept to life complete with websites, professional business portfolios, branding slogans and logos. His development of targeted portfolios, representing our primary targeted business verticals, provided our clients and prospects the depth to understand what we can do for them and the assurance that we were master’s at developing integrated marketing solutions.

Working with John is a pleasure due to his pleasant and amiable behavior, as he will be an asset that all staff will respect and enjoy working with. But, in the hunt to develop deeper meaning and definitions for a project he can be tenacious to uncover every detail from internal and external resources before developing a plan. Just the right type of serious demeanor you would for want someone to handle your valuable business plans. John will bring to your business a person with high integrity, dogged determination and a great, friendly personality that will result in building a positive brand for your company and the sales results that follow.” Tim W., Audience Development & Engagement, The Daily Herald of Everett, Washington, Director of Data Analytics, previously with ISG Data Analytics


“John is a pro-active marketing consultant, willing to listen, able to fully analyze a client's marketing needs, provide guidance and work towards the corporate vision in all aspects of branding, signage, logo development, direct and electronic media marketing. John has excellent creativity and professionalism." Julie J., GM, previously with Kitsap Tennis and Recreation Club



Chief Integrated Marketing, Creative and Brand Strategist


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John Metselaar was the Chief Integrated Marketing, Creative and Brand Strategist at K&H ISG (Integrated Solutions Group). John has excelled at Integrated (Traditional to Online) Direct Response Marketing, Branding, Creative Services, and eCommerce since 1995. He pioneered online marketing and advertising in 2000 by creating a perpetual testing environment supported with real-time tracking technology for measuring performance. 

KEY TAKEAWAYS: Demographic profiling and geographic targeting have been very successful strategies to create best practices to reach audiences. Imagery and messages must target region and audience appropriately and content must be compelling. Traditional media and distribution (e.g. door hangers, direct mail) often trumped new media.