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John Metselaar is the Chief Integrated Marketing and Creative and Brand Strategist at K&H ISG (Integrated Solutions Group). John has excelled at Integrated (Traditional to Online) Direct Response Marketing, Branding, Creative Services, and eCommerce since 1995. He pioneered online marketing and advertising in 2000 by creating a perpetual testing environment supported with real-time tracking technology for measuring performance. 

KEY TAKEAWAYS: Demographic profiling and geographic targeting have been very successful strategies to create best practices to reach audiences. Imagery and messages must target region and audience appropriately and content must be compelling. Traditional media and distribution (e.g. door hangers, direct mail) often trumped new media.  

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"I provide expertise for perpetual testing & delivery
with measurable results and better performance!"
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John Metselaar is a Direct Marketing Professional with over 35 years of print and digital experience. His career began as a Graphics Design and Production Manager in a new field called direct “database” marketing for a San Francisco Bay Area securities firm. McNeil Securities sold public and private limited partnership funds in excess of $120 Million per fund. And, he helped them close 4 to 6 funds per year focused purely on purchasing shopping centers, office buildings and apartment complexes. 

Their regular weekly mailings tested different sized envelope invitations, and package inserts, copy, design, property and fund specific brochures, and sent them to specific prospects (based on income, zip code, and investment history) with an invitation to come and to MSC investment seminars, receive a prospectus and make an appointment with a regional Vice President. They also advertised in specific publications and always worked the trade show and financial investment events circuit nationwide. Printed matter included property tear sheets, contracts, and financial newsletters, business papers, plus annual reports. John managed a promotional and marketing budget of nearly $450K per month for print, mail, trade show events and other traditional channels.

1984 to 1995 – DRM AGENCY
After three years, John moved from California to Seattle, WA and joined a database marketing agency on Lake Union, called Manus Direct Response Marketing. John was their DM Creative Specialist for Thousand Trails, a lifetime membership and time-share company and perfected their direct mail marketing campaigns to drive prospects to a local resort and become lifetime members all across America. After about one year, their main competitor, All Season's Resorts, approached John directly to create, develop, produce, print and mail all their marketing and communications programs, especially his work in direct mail marketing.

John took the opportunity to begin a boutique DRM agency and grew that business focusing on the Land Time-Share Resort industry, plus he added many Financial, Insurance, Hospital and Technology companies. John worked directly with clients, and through direct mail marketing agencies. It was during this time that John won his first ECHO for creating and producing a direct mail marketing package selling Home Equity Credit Lines for the Bank of Hawaii. This mailing resulted in a 17% response rate and generated nearly $20 Million is credit line applications. He was also instrumental in saving accounts for agencies who were at risk of losing clients because John would take a different, more holistic approach, to analyzing data and circumstances in order to develop a new, better and more effective strategic creative solution for producing measurable results. 

For example, with Washington Energy Services he quickly ascertained that the agency was doing nothing wrong. Brand standards and guidelines, along with the project outline met all the required messaging points and business needs for meeting the goal requirements. But, because the results fell short after two consecutive mailings WSE was going to pull the account. After evaluating the entire process carefully John considered that 90 dark days of cloudy weather and rain may have influenced the outcome. Based on that he asked WSE for permission to create and produce a direct mail package with a design and color scheme outside their corporate standards. They approved his request and he created a long-format roll folded mailer that was meant to get attention and an immediate response within 5 to 7 seconds regardless of the natural circumstances (weather) that could not be changed.


RESULT: The package exceeded client expectations 10 times over with sales reps, who made house calls, reporting that the mailer was usually seen on the refrigerator door. The agency retained the client and going forward the client conceded that creative freedom could be exercised to test and improve direct mail results. After that John created a series of DRM packages testing creative (copy and design style) along with all other variables.

John Metselaar continued to strategically create and produce ground breaking print campaigns that included high-performing direct mail marketing, 3D packages, product catalogs, marcom and brand business materials, packaging, logos, magazine and newspaper ads, billboards, trade show booths, posters, as well as story boards for commercials and scripts for radio spots until 1995 when John joined Seattle FilmWorks, a publicly traded company, where he impacted their growth from $80 Million to over $125 Million over a period of 5 years. 

This was a direct mail marketing company in the business of photofinishing rolls of special 35mm film. The work here was primarily continuing their practice of testing direct mail marketing packages that included many inserts and two free rolls of film inside a printed poly bag. It also included all other envelope packages, printed matter from catalogs and newsletters to product packaging and developing / designing a retail store concept that grew into a chain of 42 stores. This role also included web design and development, web-based software development, email marketing campaigns, surveys and market research. As the company shifted its focus from analog printing to digital imaging, John led the global rebranding of the company to PhotoWorks that required modifying 467 print specific projects twice in a 120 day period. The role also included managing agencies, freelances, and strategic partnerships, designing and manufacturing single-use cameras, retail environments for REI, plus programming in order to expedite the development for online initiatives. And, reviewing contracts plus managing a multi-million dollar budget under 10% of projections for 5 consecutive years.

After 5 years, at the end of August, 2000 John left the newly branded PhotoWorks (previously Seattle FilmWorks) to join X10 Wireless Technologies, and an opportunity to apply and pioneer direct marketing practices 100% online and execute A/B Split testing in real-time. This was testing and optimizing controls at the speed-of-thought. John also carpet bombed the internet with Pop-Under ads, tested email marketing frequency and drove daily sales from $65K to $245K in 6 months. From 2001 to 2005, after leaving X10, his expertise grew in the area of ecommerce, direct mail and digital marketing, technologies, software development and began to apply a faster progressive approach and strategic thinking with perpetual testing to operational challenges. This included introducing the “To-Go” pick-up service to Applebee’s restaurants, introducing the USB Drive technology to North America and then Europe, selling virtual calling cards online for Sprint and introducing web-based inventory systems to the medical device industry. His work also included writing business plans and architectural scoping documents for creating off-shore gambling web sites. After 9/11, when he found himself on location in Kansas working on Sprint, Applebee’s, Sonics and the Salvation Army, he returned home to Seattle and managed a large 30,000 square foot sporting goods store and all their traditional print advertising, direct mail marketing and ecommerce, plus in-store and team sales. This included buying for three departments and managing 35 employees.

By 2005, John had joined Publicis and their Healthcare Practice in Seattle as Account Supervisor to help strategize and direct the onboarding of a new client, CDWG.com into the agency. John remained there until he was offered two roles simultaneously. One by Microsoft to audit their marketing managers and their performance, campaigns managed programs, and the second by TriVita, a dietary supplement company. He accepted the offer to join TriVita in Scottsdale, Arizona and help turn the company around. It had grown rapidly since 1999, but by the end of 2005 had run into issues causing sales to plummet from $125 Million to $65 Million. 

The existing system they used included a product catalog, a health journal, postcards, envelope packages and marcom materials related to promoting a highly complex and unique business affiliate program where they only needed to buy their customers. The work that represented 85 % of annual sales was predominantly traditional print mail marketing and product sales into a universe of over 2 million names while testing various other lists. Every month a product catalog would be mailed out on the 1st of the month and a large VitaJournal would be mailed out on the 15th of the month. Both, would be worked on 3-4 months in advance with customization for 7 different market segments - each. The biggest challenge here was to introduce organizational order by building and managing team of over 15 professionals in-house (instead of freelancers), thereby creating an in-house agency and improving their performance to improve and save on rising agency costs. Productivity and quality was increased 517% over 4 years. During the same period revenue rose from $65 Million to over $225 Million.

Other print related projects included product packaging, publications and materials for special events. All web related work updates to coincide with print programs were done one month in advance.

For the past 8 years the only print related work John produces are along the lines of strategic business plans, architectural system outlines, data flow integration maps, financial projections, budgets, audits, evaluations, analysis and instructions on how to optimize and automate existing practices, processes, and programs to improve productivity and general performance for lowering costs and increasing profits. 

John is very interested in a senior role for the right company, but until an offer is accepted he is staying focused on Strategic Business Development, Operations, Technology, Implementation, and Optimization, based on Research, Testing, Security, Quality Control, Performance and Results. It relates to Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, Digital Marketing/Advertising, Automation, AR/VR, Robotics, AI and other emerging digital considerations for ecommerce, online UX and CX. Plus, how it integrates with brick-and-mortar changes likes the Amazon GO Shops. 
His entire career has been about progression. And, as a P/T professional USSF Coach John also builds, trains and develops teams, processes and systems. But, you would have to understand his background in competitive sports and how he has adapted those experiences to corporate, business and agency environments.

John is a professional Marketing Project Manager and Program Director with many years of optimization, regulation of some sort (FDA or SEC) and measurable success managing people, projects, programs, processes, productivity and products. This includes a wide range of direct marketing programs, web and e commerce projects, plus UX and CX related work for selling software, products, services and consumables, or technologies, to different market segments. He also contributes his expertise and insights to various industries like his presentation to the US Department of Energy. Expert Meeting Report: Transforming Existing Buildings through New Media.

His experience with social media platforms, as it relates to different brands, by industry, comes from learning and understanding how relevance and optimization plays a critical role in its use. Based on purpose and expected role as part of a business strategy and the integrated marketing mix, it can add a critical role to brand and business development. Market segment age, culture, generation, digital device usage, it all matters for creating awareness and improving (KPIs) key performance indicators in real-time.

The difference is that John brings a much wider, richer and deeper experience base to the table. 

One that overlaps multiple generations. And, thereby can contribute relevant perspectives that understands not only generational points-of-view, but device usage, technology implications, and how best to test, weave and integrate different brand messaging and value added benefits. From all the various social platforms, the most common ones he engages with are Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. John also enjoys developing applications for web and mobile devices for creating brand specific communities to encourage brand and lifestyle development. His passion for doing this is to promote network sales, business affiliate development, revenue and help improve the impact of viral email marketing, traffic, relevance and all KPIs that can be tracked through Google Ads and other CMS tools and web analytics. 

For more details on W2 roles and 1099 projects visit his LinkedIn profile. 



Retail Environments for Chanel in Bloomingdale, NYC  -  Electric Bikes, Working Trikes, Scooters and Boards  -  RV Coaches and Camper Trailers  -  Semi-Professional Football  -  Commercial Finance / Lending. Services rendered differ client by client. 

ECHO Award
Bank of Hawaii
Home Equity
Credit Line


Recent web & operational project integrating Smartsheet while managing the Chanel Retail Environment design-build manufacturing process for Chanel that was built for Bloomingdale, NYC, 59th Street.

I integrated SMARTSHEET PROJECT MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE into their operation so that the different departments could communicate, collaborate and prepare / update the daily schedules more efficiently. This also aided in foreseeing scheduling and production problems on the manufacturing floor, as well as coordinating incoming products, custom constructed materials, staging, shipping and onsite construction. The goal was to automate all functions and systems via an API and optimize internal communications and time spent on redundant processes. I also redesigned their web site using a better URL www.blueskywoodworksinc.com 
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For a comprehensive overview covering W2 roles and 1099 projects visit my LinkedIn profile. 15+ professional recommendations from C-Level executives and business owners are posted here.
Project and Program Management
I streamline, automate and always look for opportunities to enhance the customer experience, while improving the bottom-line/profit margins without any loss in quality. But, this does include embracing technologies to streamline communications, improve work flow, collaborate, plus organize and distribute information in real-time to help identify and address conflicts quickly. I also look for ways to prepare for future growth, brand re-positioning strategies and markets your business can migrate towards - before the critical tipping point.
Coaching, Mentoring and Development
I can help develop your team, its dynamic development, and making sure everyone is in the right position at all times. Over four decades as a competitive USSF Coach (US Soccer Federation) and applying similar training methodologies, in corporate and agency environments, has enabled me to build high-performance teams with individual contributors who can perform at their best - while under pressure, through practice, mental focus, emotional discipline and better time-management.
I can manage creative, digital marketing and organizational initiatives
On all projects I always work with both Microsoft Office 365 and Adobe Creative Suite applications for web and print. In addition to those two families I use a wide array of other applications for automating email campaigns and web analytics to CRM, ERP and POS. The most recent ones used in the past 24-36 months for operational and organizational applications in manufacturing, retail, project, program and team management, are Lightspeed POS, Fishbowl Mobile Inventory, INFOR ERP Visual Premier / Jobshop and Smartsheet. I have also used MS Project and SharePoint and running into Autodesk Autocad, Revit, Blue Beam and Sketchup a lot. But, I still use Excel the most! And learning Vuforia engine, studio and chalk because the future in successful customer experiences and branding will include both augmented and virtual reality. Developer kits are still free!!