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Direct Marketing Executive & Group Creative Director, plus USSF Coach

ECHO Award - Bank of Hawaii
Home Equity Credit Line
College of San Mateo, CA
San Jose State University
North Seattle College
Pacific Lutheran University


AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Direct Marketing (Traditional Direct Mail to all Digital Channels), Strategic Business Development and Partnerships, E-Commerce, Creative Services, Online Advertising (SEO, SEM, SMO, PPC), Brand Development, Design & Management of Product(s), Packaging, Projects, Programs, Productivity + Web Site Mgr. / Google Admin


SENIOR EXPERT: Direct Response Marketing and Creative Specialist with Operational Management and Director/Executive "Hands-On" Level Expertise in multiple industries.
STATUS: Short & long-term projects (USA, CANADA & NL / EUROPE). P/T, F/T, Telecommute - Remote / On-site.  HOMEBASE: Greater Seattle and Tacoma Area. 

I am a strategic, creative, and analytical thinker, plus action-oriented leader who seeks to help business owners and corporate executives design, create, and develop strategic marketing campaigns and initiatives for measurable Member / Customer experiences. Then, develop a progressive process, with enterprise-wide data management and insights, designed to meet and exceed the growth goals of the business and related project(s), or program(s).


Astavita & AstaMed Food - Established US online ecommerce presence in 6 months. 
TriVita Nutraceuticals - $65 to $225+ Million over 4 years, plus increased productivity in print and web creative, plus marketing programs with agency quality 517% over 4 years.

Sprint - Built eCommerce site to sell virtual calling cards for Sprint/USAA partnership.
X10 Wireless Technologies - $65K to $245K per day in 6 months. $89+ Million Annually.

JMtek USB Drive - Introduced USB Technology to North America & Europe $700 / 1G.
Seattle FilmWorks to PhotoWorks brand change - $80 Million to $124+ Million in 5 years.

We are AVAILABLE individually and as a team. Fee varies based on type of project, scope of work, urgency and unique requirements. This does not include travel, materials and project expenses. Please text me before calling to schedule a call. Thank you!

F/T Communications Major at SFU , plus Football Specialist and Coach

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Player of The Year 2018
Football Team Specialist
Olympic College, WA
Graduated June, 2018
Simon Fraser University, BC, Canada
Graduating end of 2020


AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Online Advertising (SEO, SEM, SMO, PPC), Brand Development, Design & Management of Product(s), Packaging, Projects, Programs, Productivity + Web Site Admin.


EXPERT: Digital Marketing, Communications and Social Media Strategist with Project Management experience in multiple industries.
STATUS: Full-time Student / Athlete NCAA DIV II. P/T Telecommute - Remote / On-site.  HOMEBASE: Burnaby, CANADA

The most intriguing aspect of what I am learning on-the-job is actually applying what I am studying in communications and marketing courses. Plus, years of coaching and working with John on major projects with business people at all levels from CEO's and Scientists, to Engineers and Sales professionals.


By observing and learning a lot about human behavior and team dynamics, in a not-so-perfect world, I am preparing myself for a future in leadership, project and program management, creative / strategic development and digital marketing for selling products, or services.