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I integrated SMARTSHEET PROJECT MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE into their operation so that the different departments could communicate, collaborate and prepare / update the daily schedules more efficiently. This also aided in foreseeing scheduling and production problems on the manufacturing floor, as well as coordinating incoming products, custom constructed materials, staging, shipping and onsite construction. The goal was to automate all functions and systems via an API and optimize internal communications and time spent on redundant processes. I also redesigned their web site using a better URL 


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Recent web & operational project integrating Smartsheet while managing the Chanel Retail Environment design-build manufacturing process for Chanel that was built for Bloomingdale, NYC, 59th Street.



Retail Environments for Chanel in Bloomingdale, NYC  -  Electric Bikes, Working Trikes, Scooters and Boards  -  RV Coaches and Camper Trailers  -  Semi-Professional Football  -  Commercial Finance / Lending. Services rendered differ client by client. 



Chief Integrated Marketing, Creative and Brand Strategist - 2012


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John Metselaar was the Chief Integrated Marketing, Creative and Brand Strategist at K&H ISG (Integrated Solutions Group). John has excelled at Integrated (Traditional to Online) Direct Response Marketing, Branding, Creative Services, and eCommerce since 1995. He pioneered online marketing and advertising in 2000 by creating a perpetual testing environment supported with real-time tracking technology for measuring performance. 

KEY TAKEAWAYS: Demographic profiling and geographic targeting have been very successful strategies to create best practices to reach audiences. Imagery and messages must target region and audience appropriately and content must be compelling. Traditional media and distribution (e.g. door hangers, direct mail) often trumped new media.  

2015-2016 INNOVA Architects. Engineering, Planning and Design / ORB Architects 
I am a professional Senior Project Manager with many years of optimization, regulation of some sort (FDA or SEC) and measurable success managing people, projects, programs, processes, productivity and products. Outside operations, I also have a solid background in Marketing Program Management, SEO. SEM, SMO, digital marketing, PPC, online advertising, photography, video, and strategic business development, plus organizing digital assets and web site management with annual budgets of $5 to $7 Million. Markets and industries.
This included roles in AEC four times, beginning with Securities in Commercial Real Estate
Five, if you include my work during school that included remodeling and construction for independent living conversions (specifically for senior singles) and single-family homes, during high school and thru college. Except for one year at United Medical Laboratories in accounting and specimen /test pickups (this included abortions), blood tests and pap smear processing.
During high school I prepared to become an architect with 3.5 years of mechanical and architectural drafting, residential planning and community design. I graduated early from high school in January and played soccer and traveled thru Europe until September. Then, earned my degree and technical certificates in Technical Arts, Illustration and Graphic Design. Entered contests and won first and second place for both technical and non-technical illustration. And, as winning contests in architectural and conceptual renderings help me get into college, winning these college level contests won me awards and choice projects like drawing electrical schematics for the Polaris Missile system at Lockheed in Sunnyvale, California.
I went on to study Industrial Design at San Jose State University, CA, learning about materials like plastics, metals, composites, exotic woods, and more. Then, started working on illustration, packaging and design projects in Silicon Valley, CA, while freelancing for different ad agencies and publications on the SF peninsula from San Jose to San Francisco. I even commuted to Monterey / Carmel and worked for a business-to-business magazine.
After completing 3 different restaurant management training programs, I began my career as a Graphic Design and Production Manager in a new field called direct marketing for a San Francisco Bay Area securities firm located in San Mateo, California. McNeil Securities sold public and private limited partnership funds in excess of $120 Million per fund. We closed 4 to 6 funds per year and purchased only shopping centers, office buildings and apartment complexes across the USA.
1995-2000 Seattle FilmWorks / PhotoWorks and REI North America
Designed a retail store with a 3,500 square foot carbon foot print for under $29K per unit. And then, created a program to open 42 stores throughout the Pacific Northwest. This included everything from merchandise to furniture, operating technologies and all phases of construction from lighting and flooring to signage and furniture. I also designed and constructed a retail environment for their flagship store in Seattle and fixtures for all REI stores throughout North America. All while designing and developing web-based software apps, catalogs, e-commerce web sites and marketing that increased our customer base and revenue over 5 years.
In 2000, I obtained my Advanced Project Management Certificate at Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, WA The focus was real estate sales, marketing, plus project management for commercial construction and manufacturing.
My professional career continued in both online marketing for the health and wellness industry (dietary supplements) and in various operational roles from sourcing raw materials to manufacturing, packaging, and introducing web technologies and mobile-based software services to US and European markets. This included promoting, marketing and selling 1 Gb USB Thumb drives for $700 each. And, using first-generation smart phones, plus third-party bar-code readers, for optimizing the distribution chain (for medical devices distributors and their sales reps), significantly reducing shrinkage and converting manual inventory processes to real-time online reporting systems. About me.
All this happened between 2001 to 2005, when I joined Publicis Healthcare Marketing Practice and before moving to Scottsdale, Arizona in 2006 to help turn-around TriVita, a direct sales company. It took 2 years to get from $65 Million back to $125 Million. Then, 2 more years to exceed $225 Million in annual revenue. I learned much during these years. Plus, a real appreciation for due diligence that I applied to building a similar dietary supplement company called Astavita (and AstaMed) in 2015, for a Japanese pharmaceutical company after which I entered the AEC industry.
2015-2016 INNOVA Architects. Engineering, Planning and Design / ORB Architects 
My role was both broad and deep in multiple operational areas from online and traditional marketing, to branding, teaming with other specialty firms, web site building, content development, and social media, plus organic site optimization (SEO / SEM). We pursued design-build, DBB, IDIQ and Task Order projects. And, I also worked on developing their IT disaster recovery program, which previously did not exist. The projects ranged from an $80 Million dollar design-build contract for an 800,000 SF distribution center for the US Postal Service, to a $33 Million dollar advanced manufacturing center for the Clover Park Technical College and the Washington Department of Enterprise Services. Also customized SF330 submittals (with Section H). B2B and B2GOV DoD - Department of Defense.
Most Recently - Blue Sky Woodworks for CHANEL
I integrated SMARTSHEET into their operation so that the different departments could communicate, collaborate and prepare / update the daily schedules more efficiently. This also aided in foreseeing scheduling and production problems on the manufacturing floor, as well as coordinating incoming products, custom constructed materials, staging, shipping and onsite construction. The end goal was to automate all functions and systems via an API. I also redesigned their web site using a better URL 
2018 / 2019 Currently - I remain in AEC, Commercial Finance and Dietary Supplements (FDA Compliance), Packaging, Design and more.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 
Paul McCormick's recommendation - CEO INNOVA, previously CEO at AHBL, Tacoma, WA
INNOVA Architects hired John to help us grow our presence through its: online websites, social media, brochures, mailers, and to build personal relationships that all together grow our business. John has been a dynamo of enthusiasm and is always full of new and good ideas. He has made a huge positive change in our company in all the areas for which we hired John to work. His prior experience was in product marketing, and while we are a professional service provider, John was able to bring a valuable and new perspective to how we should be marketing professional services, while at the same time quickly learning how we traditionally have marketed professional services. He adapted quickly, learning new methods and always pushed me hard to be bold and take new steps in new directions.
John definitely thinks like a business owner and like a true entrepreneur, always generating new ideas about how to grow the business and how to benefit our company and capitalize on our efforts. But, he understands the balance a CEO must maintain between financial investments into marketing efforts compared to the results it might produce. He is always positive and upbeat and able to adjust to the dynamics of up and down moments in a business. At times due to our own company limitations I felt that I was not able to take full advantage of what John had to offer. But even through that John has been happy to be a part of our company and especially to assist me in building and implementing the strategy to grow.
I enjoy John personally and professionally and know John has a huge amount of value to bring any company in which he is employed. I am so happy I hired John and would do it all over again. It was the right decision for us. Despite that fact, sometimes outside circumstances affect our business performance and alter our direction. That has resulted in our inability to retain John. Therefore we offer our complete endorsement for John to any potential employer who wishes to expand business. John will bring you strategies, ideas, produce written copy, make personal introductions and help to implement the plan through to completion. He will work either in cooperation with the CEO, but if asked is happy to lead the effort independently. I remain happy to be called upon to reiterate in person my sincere endorsement for John. 
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 
For a comprehensive overview covering W2 roles and 1099 projects visit my LinkedIn profile. 15+ professional recommendations from C-Level executives and business owners are posted here.
Project and Program Management
I streamline, automate and always look for opportunities to enhance the customer experience, while improving the bottom-line/profit margins without any loss in quality. But, this does include embracing technologies to streamline communications, improve work flow, collaborate, plus organize and distribute information in real-time to help identify and address conflicts quickly. I also look for ways to prepare for future growth, brand re-positioning strategies and markets your business can migrate towards - before the critical tipping point.
Coaching, Mentoring and Development
I can help develop your team, its dynamic development, and making sure everyone is in the right position at all times. Over four decades as a competitive USSF Coach (US Soccer Federation) and applying similar training methodologies, in corporate and agency environments, has enabled me to build high-performance teams with individual contributors who can perform at their best - while under pressure, through practice, mental focus, emotional discipline and better time-management.
I can manage creative, digital marketing and organizational initiatives
On all projects I always work with both Microsoft Office 365 and Adobe Creative Suite applications for web and print. In addition to those two families I use a wide array of other applications for automating email campaigns and web analytics to CRM, ERP and POS. The most recent ones used in the past 24-36 months for operational and organizational applications in manufacturing, retail, project, program and team management, are Lightspeed POS, Fishbowl Mobile Inventory, INFOR ERP Visual Premier / Jobshop and Smartsheet. I have also used MS Project and SharePoint and running into Autodesk Autocad, Revit, Blue Beam and Sketchup a lot. But, I still use Excel the most! And learning Vuforia engine, studio and chalk because the future in successful customer experiences and branding will include both augmented and virtual reality. Developer kits are still free!!