Once DR develops the marketing programs that are ideally suited to your business and budget, your marketing programs will be managed by one of our experienced project managers. Content will be designed, developed, and produced by our one of our digital specialists for the most effective media and channels to reach your customers. DR provides deep expertise from direct marketing to social media and emerging technologies. Contact DirektResponse today!

Our youngest group of team and brand influencers are highly competitive athletes and academic standouts, who are socially and technically advanced and serve as our early adopters of emerging technologies and social platforms. DR scouts and selects them just like we do when we seek out talent for the teams we coach in various team sports, extreme sports, and video game competitions. In between, DR has an amazing group of professionals, from every generation, who we work with because it just makes us better, happier, as well as healthier both mentally and emotionally.  This philosophy cascades down from the senior consultants and is embraced by all who work full-time, part-time, and during Spring, Summer and Winter breaks.

DR even places team members inside other cultures / companies to help provide support as coordinators and managers for different project and programs. But, only temporarily as needed. One thing is certain, we are actively developing our own brand and cultural ecosystem that is highly diverse and global with a goal to grow while helping the hungry learn how to become independent, the homeless self-sufficient, the sick get healthier, and work to make our planet a safer place.


Locally, regionally, nationally and internationally, we help provide talent, knowledge, expertise and competitive wisdom.


Call us and discover how we can help you. 


Digital, Print, Video, Events, Design, Packaging, Branding supported by Research, Testing, Data Science and world-class Technologies for building mobile and web apps, web sites, e-commerce sites and more ...